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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the new journal “Express Biology”

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We are proud to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the new journal “Express Biology” ( The journal is one of the four scientific journals that were launched by Research Consultants and Publisher (Recopublisher, As stated in the journal website, Express Biology is an Open Access Journal and All contents in Express Biology are freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. No subscription charge or registration barrier is set up for readers to access the articles. Express Biology publishes high quality of research articles in all areas of biology. A main target of the journal is to strengthen communication among biologists by providing a platform to publish important findings with general interest from diverse biological subjects. Our in-house editors work with our editorial board of experts to ensure the journal at the high level of quality control and with excellent service to authors, reviewers and readers. After you submit your manuscript to Express Biology, you can monitor the status of your manuscript constantly.


Express Biology; CRISPR-Cas9; CRISPR; NgAgo-gDNA; NgAgo; Genome editing; Chunyu Han; sgRNA

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