Bioengineering and Global Health Technology

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Bioengineering and Global Health Technology (BGHT) is an Open Access and Peer Review Journal and All contents in BGHT are freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication. No subscription charge or registration barrier is set up for readers to access the articles.

Publishing an article in open access journals is not without costs. A journal from Recopublisher levies an article-processing charge for each accepted article for its publication. Currently, the Article-processing charge for BGHT is USD 120. The charge may be discounted for the authors from low-income countries subjected to the request from authors during the submission process. For other countries, discounted charge is applicable during the manuscript submission on a case-by-case basis to authors with insufficient funds. No submission fee and peer review fee are required.

BGHT publishes articles covering all areas of bioengineering and global health technology. It focuses on various bioengineering and health technologies and their applications on improving human and environmental health in developed and developing regions. It also aims to provide a forum for scientists to discuss the most important advances in this field by publishing communications and letters to Editors. The World Health Organization (WHO) has emphasized the importance of water quality, food security, environment, and energy to global health as their deficiency or poor quality may lead to serious diseases or social security. Also, aligned with Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) mission to achieve food security for all to improve the productivity and ensure sustainable agricultural systems in the World. Bioengineering technologies have shown their prospective in improving global health by providing new biotechnologies, new healthy products, and renewable bioenergy and higher yield of agricultural production as well as protecting the environment and landscape from pollution. Topics covered by this journal include but not limit to the following areas including environmental biotechnologies, water and soil resources and biotechnologies, plant biotechnologies, animal biotechnologies, microbial biotechnologies, food security, global health concerns and health technologies, and biotechnologies for renewable bioenergy, etc. The journal publishes research articles, review articles, communications, letters to Editors, research proposals, research reports, and conference proceedings and so on.

Our in-house editors work with our editorial board of experts to ensure the journal at the high level of quality control and with excellent service to authors, reviewers and readers. After you submit your manuscript to BGHT, you can monitor the status of your manuscript constantly. All contents of BGHT are open access immediately after publication.